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How SMS can be used for important and efficient communication

20 Marzo 2020

There are many people and businesses going through a challenging time at the moment. The situation is demanding and has changed how many of us usually operate. Over the last 2 weeks LINK Mobility has sent over 500 Million SMS messages for governments, NGOs, and companies to provide effective and reliable critical updates when it matters the most. We can help. Below you can find advantages of using SMS for important notification, and 5 ways of how to use SMS for efficient communication and feedback.

Advantages of SMS in important and urgent situations:


  • App-independent
  • No internet connection necessary
  • Also reaches feature phones


  • Opening rate: 98 %
  • Are read within 3 minutes
  • Serious, trustworthy channel


  • Highest level of data security
  • >99 % system availability
  • GDPR compliant service


5 ways of how to use SMS for efficient communication and feedback:

  1. Internal Communication

As a preferred notification channel SMS can be used for efficient internal communication in organizations when there is a need for instant notifications, emergency updates or general information.

  1. Notifications

Many companies and organizations want or need to inform both employees and customers in real time. This can be health organizations informing about precautions, educational institutes having to close or banks to inform customers about their insurances.

  1. Reminders

Customers appreciate reminders, and with SMS you will also have a higher chance of the message being opened and read. To remind the client is positive both for the organization and also working as a favor to the customers. This could be health services, payment and invoice details or packages to be picked up.

  1. Confirmations

Send confirmations to your customers when you have updated the database, when they have ordered a product online or booked a class at the gym.

  1. Surveys

Get feedback through short surveys sent as SMS. Younger generations prefer to receive surveys and questions via SMS. To increase the response rate you can still give a discount to those who complete the survey.


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