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Our CTO, Torbjørn Krøvel, gives his take on the CPaaS success formula

1 Settembre 2020

These are exciting times for LINK Mobility as we grow our product offerings and expand our communication channels. Today, we’re talking with LINK’s Chief Technology Officer, Torbjørn Krøvel, about our development as a CPaaS provider, what this means for our company, and what’s coming in the future.

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You are the CTO at LINK Mobility. Tell us more about what you do and what a day might look like for you.

I am privileged to work in a company that is one of the most interesting crossovers between IT and telecom – being a part of creating solutions for our customers. None of my days are really the same – and I love the fact that I can learn something new every day from all the extremely dedicated and motivated people in technology and the rest of LINK. The combination of all the knowledge we have in our company is truly a winning formula!

We’re at a turning point in the development of mobile communications with so many channels being introduced to the market. What opportunities does LINK have within the mobile messaging industry going forward?

LINK has a unique position in the mobile messaging industry. Our strength is an unrivaled combination of systems developed by all LINK entities. And this is what we now are embedding into our pioneering CPaaS solution, where all the portals, value added services, APIs, gateways, channels and more can be combined to create powerful customer solutions.

What challenges do you see within the mobile communications industry now and in the future?

Our industry – and especially CPaaS providers – is growing every year. We do this because we are in the forefront of understanding our customers’ needs to communicate with their end-customer to create more business. LINK needs to be innovative and solution-focused to keep our leading edge as a preferred vendor for messaging.

What does being a CPaaS provider mean for LINK?

We have a unique position as a CPaaS provider – with one of the strongest platforms in the industry. CPaaS is really about providing strong customer solutions combining our portals, APIs, gateways, multichannel solutions, and more. But the most important CPaaS success formula for LINK is our strong team working to solve customers’ needs every day.

We have a lot of great solutions we offer here at LINK. Tell us about some of the new releases LINK is working on.

We have many exciting projects: We are continuing the CPaaS platform with more and better multichannel options in the LMCL (LINK MultiChannel Project), intelligent routing and customer portals (e.g. SSU development). To fuel the force of CPaaS, we are moving traffic to the powerful CGI (Common Gateway Insfrastructure) platform, establishing a common billing system and setting up mediation as “glue” between systems.

LINK has strong technical capabilities and we’re working to develop more each day. What does this mean for our customers?

Everything – in my view. Our “secret sauce” is simply the combined knowledge of our people in LINK. Their experience, knowledge and passion for customer solutions are the most important asset for our customers.

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Torbjørn Krøvel

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