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The SMS-marketing opportunities for 2020 you don’t want to miss

24 Gennaio 2020

Throughout the year there are several SMS-marketing opportunities that you don’t want to miss. Consumers expect to be reached, informed and exposed to relevant information at the right time, and most importantly through the right communication channel. Download the LINK-calendar so you can plan in advance and prepare for the coming year.

Why SMS should be part of your marketing mix for 2020

Consumer attention is becoming increasingly difficult to capture as they are always exposed through several channels. It becomes even more important for companies to adjust communication, choice of channel and timing to get the consumers’ attention. With an opening rate of 98%, compared to 20% with e-mail, there are no doubt that SMS is the most efficient way of reaching your customers. You could send a reminder by SMS before earth hour or send an offer for Valentine’s Day few days ahead.

Increase customer satisfaction

By keeping track of the most important marketing days for 2020 you can plan and offer your customers relevant information, communication and offers at the right time. Personalized communication increases customer satisfaction. By starting the communication ahead of happenings, you are also able to measure and adjust your communication based on consumer behavior.

SMS is simple, easy and with an endless number of opportunities. Use the simple SMS, rich messaging features or a conversational option depending on occasion, target audience and information flow.

Be one step ahead of your competitors, plan your SMS marketing strategy for 2020 now.

Click here to download the calendar

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