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LINK Collect

A quick and easy way to collect customer data and insight, helping you personalize your communication and generate and qualify more leads.

With LINK Collect you can easily generate leads and collect specific and personal data. This includes permissions, invites for events and different types of surveys. You can also boost the number of sign-ups and responses with rewards, tip-a-friend functionality and other integrated features. You can use this service to design beautiful and user-friendly forms that support your business goals.

Easy setup

LINK Collect is a self-service product that anyone can use – there are no technical skills or integrations needed. Just point and click to create your own customized landing page or take advantage of our ready-to-use templates to get started.


You can use LINK Collect to handle customer consents, as a lead generator, or for customer satisfaction surveys, event registrations and competitions. It works seamlessly with all our other services, helping you to create comprehensive, impactful and complete campaigns.

Multiple channels

LINK Collect can be used in any digital channel, also connecting offline and online platforms. Through SMS and other messaging channels it provides you with unique tracking links to your website or other preferred outbound and inbound channels.

The way it works

When setting up a landing page, you need to decide on the following: 

  • The workflow of your campaign. E.g. “Welcome page”, “Sign-up page” and “Thank you page”. 
  • The content for the users. E.g. questions, ratings, data fields and pictures. 
  • Colors, fonts, backgrounds etc. to support your visual expression and brand. 

Premium features

We offer several features that you can add to create award-winning campaigns. Connect to multiple “triggers” to optimize every contact point you have with your customers: instore quick-registrations, SMS keywords, embedded social media and web pages – or even integrated with our API. Boost your customer responses with rewards, tip-a-friend functionality and customize the user experience.

Perfect for

Due to its flexibility, LINK Collect can support many of your business needs. You can use it for generating qualified leads, simplifying how your customers can sign up and collecting the right data to optimize customer relations, including customer satisfaction surveys. 

LINK Collect is a dynamic and flexible form and landing page builder that can cover many different customer tasks and business needs. We have many ready-to-use templates to kickstart the campaign you need.  

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