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LINK Mobile Invoice

There is no need for paper invoices with this cost-efficient, dynamic and flexible way to charge your customers for immediate payment.

LINK Mobile Invoice provides you with a variety of payment channels in one integrated payment interface. Use it for all types of payments, including events, requested payments, late payments and charging of digital services and content.


It’s easy to set up and use based on your specific payment needs. LINK Mobile Invoice helps you provide and integrate multiple payment channels for convenient and immediate payment.


You avoid paper invoices and can handle payments in a cost-effective way. You get paid quicker by your customers and reduce late payments and bad debts.


All payment handlings within LINK Mobile Invoice are secure as all payment transactions are managed and authorized through your selected Payment Service Provider (PSP) and Payment Acquirers.

The way it works

LINK Mobile Invoice is a multiple distribution channel for payment requests. You can easily distribute payment requests using SMS or other channels, collecting payments using your preferred and integrated Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

  • Our LINK Mobile Invoice API receives the billing information and other content that is to be sent by SMS to the customers  
  • LINK generates a landing page, completed with your company´s logo, colors, design and correct billing information – then sends the SMS to the customers for payment 
  • The customers receive an SMS containing a URL that will bring them to the landing page 
  • Your backend system receives an update when the payment is completed 
  • You can add desired information about your marketing campaigns to the receipt page, and it is guaranteed that the customer sees this addition 


  • Using SMS to distribute URLs to a unique payment site 
  • Creating responsive landing pages adaptable to all interfaces 
  • Supporting several payment methods 
  • Integrating through an API and creating landing pages 


Perfect for

  • Events like concerts, theatres and conferences 
  • Requesting payment 
  • Charging for digital services and content 
  • Sending reminders and dunning for late payments 
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